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Am I Pregnant?

What does it feel like to be pregnant? Are these pregnancy symptoms, or are they just in my head?

When you find out someone is pregnant, you probably asked her, “How did you know you were pregnant?” By now, you probably know all the classic pregnancy symptoms by heart (nausea, frequent urination, etc.), but you always seem to want to know details from someone newly pregnant. There are all kinds of answers, everything from “I had no idea I was pregnant” to “I got morning sickness right away.”

Every woman experiences pregnancy in a different way, regardless of what you read in the pregnancy books or on the internet.

So how do you know if you’re pregnant? Taking a blood test is the best way to get the most accurate positive results. Instead of driving yourself crazy with possible pregnancy symptoms (Is that a cramp? Do I feel a twitch?), go to your fertility doctor's office and take a blood test after your two-week wait. And then you will actually know for certain what it feels like to be pregnant.