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The 'Am I Pregnant?' Game

Think you might be pregnant? Just answer these questions. Give yourself 5 points for each YES answer.

  • Did you have sex during your peak ovulation days?
  • Do you have any early pregnancy symptoms?
  • Is your temperature increasing or remaining high?
  • Are your breasts swollen or tender?
  • Did you have unusual spotting or bleeding during your two-week wait?
  • Did you eat cream cheese last Wednesday?
  • Is your middle name Ruth?
  • Did you Google your pregnancy symptoms?
  • Did you wear a red dress while doing a fertility dance?
  • Did you see The Hangover Part 2?
  • Was The Hangover Part 2 better than the first movie?

30-55 Points
It looks like you answered YES to many of the above questions. Sometimes trying for a baby can make you feel crazy, and you think you’re pregnant when you’re not (or the opposite). Sorry, we can’t tell you if you’re pregnant (although we hope you are!), but check with your doctor and do a blood test to confirm.

PS: how was The Hangover Part 2?

20-30 Points
See above.

0-20 Points
It seems like you hardly answered YES to any of the above questions. We’re guessing you’re middle name isn’t Ruth and that you don’t like cream cheese sandwiches. Visit your Ob/Gyn or fertility doctor to see if you’re actually pregnant.