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Another Lame Way to Console Us?

Back in July, New York Magazine published an article about the daily trials of parenting. Entitled "All Joy, No Fun," it explored the idea that the day-to-day tribulations of raising a child make parents unhappy.

There are studies to back up this hypothesis. These studies show that couples with children are often less happy than their childless counterparts.

What’s that? Can you hear it? Those are the voices of your friends and family who have read this article, citing it when you mention your despair over not being able to get pregnant. They'll say, "Enjoy your freedom!" or "it's really hard to be a parent.”

What's missing from this article (because it's not about this), is the idea that those people were able to choose whether they had babies or not. If you are battling infertility, you might not have a choice!

The article is really interesting, actually. Just don't let your friends use it against you. Better yet, you can start offering your condolences to them for having “no fun!"