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An Apple a Day ...

An apple a day is great, but when you're thinking about trying to get pregnant, DON'T keep the doctor away!

Make an appointment with your family doctor or Ob/Gyn BEFORE you start trying to discuss any medical conditions and what you should know about trying to conceive. Your doctor might give you a full check-up, including a pap smear and blood work, and he or she may review the optimal times to achieve a pregnancy.

Your doctor will likely recommend you start taking folic acid — which can protect against serious birth defects as early as conception — at least three months before getting pregnant. And your doctor might recommend a healthy eating plan or weight loss program to be at your optimal weight before pregnancy.

So, you might think it only takes two to tango (and to make that baby), but don't leave your doctor out of the picture. Your doctor is a very useful resource in helping you achieve a healthy pregnancy. BEFORE you start trying for your baby, make an appointment with you doctor first to get your body baby ready!