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Are You an Infertility Amnesiac?

Infertility Amnesiac: A person struggling with infertility who is consumed by her pregnancy quest and feels so hopeless that she forgets how lucky and blessed she is in her daily life.

Infertility Amnesia happens when you think about getting pregnant so often that you disregard the other blessings in your life including your family, friends and your overall happiness.

The good news is there is a cure for this ailment! When you’re dealing with infertility, you have every right to feel upset about your situation BUT you can still remember to enjoy your daily life and think about all the other wonderful blessings you have.

Trying to conceive can be very consuming but life does not stop for infertility so don’t suffer from Infertility Amnesia for one more second.

Try to always remember how lucky you really are!

Maybe you need a wake up call?