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Attention Shoppers: Fertility-Friendly Gifts in Aisle 5!

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Don’t panic. We have some holiday gift ideas for the “fertility challenged” men and women in your life.

Fertility Authority’s Guide to Fertility-Friendly Holiday Gifts for Your Man caters not only to the sports-minded or technology-loving guy in your life, but also takes his fertility into consideration.

For women, we’ve got the list of Gifts for Your ‘Infertile’ Friends That Aren’t Lame; your guide to personal gifts that let your friend know you’re thinking of her, without reminding her she’s still not pregnant.

Perhaps the best gift to give your ‘infertile’ friend this holiday season is just a small gesture to show your support shy of dishing out cliché advice on how to get pregnant. If your friend is really struggling to cope with infertility, slip in a suggestion that they join for support in an online community, or email them the link to Fertility Authority’s Holiday Infertility Survival Guide.

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