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Baby Obsessed?

Are you obsessed with having a baby? Do you think about fertility issues every second of your day?

Trying to get pregnant can be all-consuming, but we’re here to remind you not to neglect everything else in your life. You probably have a career, hobbies, family and other interests besides getting pregnant.

You just might not remember what they are right now.

Although trying to get pregnant might be taking up a lot of your time right now, you had a life before you became baby-obsessed. And if being pregnancy-obsessed means you’re feeling upset and depressed all of the time, it probably means that you need to remember the other aspects in life that bring you joy. We challenge you to make a list of all your positive qualities and things that are important to you (besides having a baby).

Maybe it’s time to start a new hobby or reach out to a new friend or just go out and have some fun! Go ahead, make that list. We dare you!