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Banish the January Blahs

The holidays are over, you’re low on cash, maybe it’s cold outside, and now you have to go back to work. You might be suffering from those January Blahs (which can only be cured by reading our inspirational Daily Shots by Fertility!).

To get rid of those blahs, try some of our homemade fertility tongue twisters to keep you busy!

  • Penny Piper poked a pack of prickled Puregon to get pregnant. How many pokes did Penny Piper prick?
  • Ivy Innerstein is intrigued by IVF. If Ivy is inseminated in her IVF cycle, will it work?
  • Eggy the Embryo is excited to experience its embryo transfer.
  • Peggy Packer is passionate about pregnancy. Predict when Peggy will receive her positive.

Still feeling those blahs? Try to make up a few fertility tongue twisters yourself, but we dare you to say them out loud!