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Did you know features bloggers who are current or former fertility patients, fertility doctors, and other professionals in the infertility field?

We know what it is like to go through the emotional ups and downs or the feeling of being an "infertility newbie". We remember the uncertainty, the questions, the anxiety of waiting for your nurse to call with blood work results.

Perhaps most helpful for navigating the infertility journey, is knowing others out there share your experiences. Our bloggers reveal their personal fertility anecdotes, or talk about common fertility patient concerns, and how to cope with (and laugh at) it all.

Join Fertility Authority in welcoming our newest bloggers:

Catherine Arizan, "Village Fertility Pharmacy"

Ebru Halper, "From The Infertility Doula"

Holly Gregg, "Fertility Exchange"

They join the ranks of fertility bloggers here to help YOU on your mission to parenthood.

Don't forget to check out Fertility Authority's blogroll- a growing list of blogs we LOVE, follow, and recommend our readers do the same!

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