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Breast Milk Ice Cream

If the name “Breast Milk Ice Cream” makes you cringe, you are not alone.

A London ice cream store recently made national headlines after it launched a new flavor of ice cream called the ‘Baby Gaga.’ Made with real breast milk, the ice cream drew thousands of complaints and flooded the media with its ick factor. It seemed that people, especially women, weren’t going gaga over this new lactation ice cream cone.

The ice cream was quickly taken off the market, and Lady Gaga sued the ice cream shop for stealing her name. Apparently and not-so-strangely, the singer did not want to be associated with this strange-flavored ice cream.

But, if you were actually interested in trying this ice cream, not to worry! We hear that the ice cream store is already thinking about a few new infertile flavors, including Folic Acid Fudge; In Vitro Ice Cream Cake and the ever popular, Embryo Transfer Sundaes. Unfortunately, the cost is quite pricey.