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Budgeting for [FILL IN THE BLANK]

A New York Times Magazine blog had an interesting piece about budgeting for a child. A recent government calculation stated that it takes about $222,000 to raise one child to age 18. The article goes on to say that this number, in actuality, is much higher. There are some suggestions about how to tighten your budget a bit.

How do you budget for having a baby when you need to budget for HAVING A BABY?

Many of us will deplete our savings in the pursuit of a viable pregnancy, let alone in raising a child. We save for “the future,”whatever that means. Sure, we all take comfort in knowing that our banked money might bail us out in the event of an emergency or unforeseeable hardship. But how often do you hear someone say they’re saving for that disease or illness they might get one day? (Never mind that most illnesses are covered at least in part by health insurance.)

The same goes for infertility. Learning that you can’t conceive without ART is almost always a surprise. How can you save for that?

There’s no answer here. Paying high prices for ART stinks. Hearing that it costs so much to raise the much sought after baby just adds another thing to think about.