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Can I Donate My Unused Fertility Drugs?

You’ve finished your IVF cycle, and you’ve got leftover fertility drugs. So what can you do with these unused fertility meds? You don’t want to see them go to waste (Hey, they were expensive!), but are you able to donate your fertility drugs to another patient?

The short answer is no. Most states have laws governing the donation of your unused medication. While rules vary in each state, they share certain characteristics. First of all, the drugs must be unopened, with intact packaging , and can’t be expired. The laws require a state-licensed pharmacist to be involved in verifying and distributing the drugs. And patients who are to receive these donated drugs must have a valid prescription in their own name. In most cases, consumers can’t directly donate their unused medication—instead, professionally designated people or facilities, like clinics or pharmacies, will be responsible for this.

So if you want to donate your unused fertility drugs, the best thing to do is check in with your fertility clinic and see if they’ll accept the unused medication.

Keep in mind that fertility drugs are prescription medications, so their use needs to be monitored carefully by a medical professional. You can’t just donate your unused fertility drugs to a friend who has been having difficulty trying to conceive. Instead, try to encourage your friend to see a fertility doctor so she can receive her own diagnosis and medication that fits her situation.

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