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Celebrity Infertility

Are fertility drugs the new celebrity trend? It seems like Hollywood has gone fertility crazy! Celine Dion did it (six times!), Mark McGrath is the proud father of IVF babies, Constance Marie got pregnant with a frozen embryo, and Sarah Jessica Parker had twins through a surrogate.

For those of you feeling alone in your struggles, it’s great that many celebrities are openly discussing infertility in the media and sharing their fertility journeys. Desperate Housewives actress Brenda Strong experienced secondary infertility, and Bachelorette reality star Trista Sutter and her husband Ryan struggled for two years to conceive their first child.

Sure these celebrities may have lots of money to afford fertility treatments but infertility is emotionally difficult on anyone — celebrity of not. Money alone can’t protect anyone from the disappointment we all feel each month and the heartache that infertility brings.