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The Christmas Bun Recipe

Prep Time: 1-10 years
Cook Time: 9 Months
Costs: A lot of money


  • A bowl filled with hope and optimism
  • Cups and cups of determination
  • A dash of strength
  • A pinch of fertility dust
  • A pound of fertility medication
  • 3-100 Ovulation Predictor Kits
  • 3-100 Pregnancy Tests
  • Lots and lots of chocolate (and/or wine)
  • A ton of Christmas magic


  1. When you’re (emotionally and financially) ready, pre-heat your oven.
  2. Start charting your temperature until a significant rise. Set your timer to bake and start "cooking!"
  3. Stir in romance. Add spices, if necessary.
  4. Let stand for two weeks. Wait and wait.
  5. Try and try again.
  6. If baking issues occur, consultant a specialist (fertility doctor/reproductive endocrinologist).
  7. Test ingredients to make sure no problems have occurred.
  8. Add some fertility magic and increase optimism, daily.
  9. Blend in hope and determination, hourly.
  10. Add in some Christmas magic.
  11. Be patient. Very patient.
  12. While you wait, sit back and enjoy the moment.

    We wish you a very Happy Holidays!