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Contraception in Aisle 6, Please

We’ve all had at least one. An embarrassing and somewhat funny moment during our fertility journey.

Maybe you forgot to shave your legs before a fertility appointment and were horrified that your leg hair could have fit into a pony tail. Perhaps you’ve stained a few pairs of underwear because you refused to believe that your period had arrived. Or even worst, maybe you accidentally urinated on your fertility doctor during your IVF transfer with a full bladder.

Here an embarrassing infertility moment told to the Daily Shot . . .

    “I was on vacation with my husband and my period was late, and I had no pregnancy tests on hand. My husband and I quickly ran to the local drugstore and we were embarrassed to learn that the contraception and pregnancy tests were behind closed glass. Reluctantly, we asked if someone could unlock the glass for us and we waited as they paged over the intercom “Can we have a sales associate go to the contraception section in aisle six please.”

    A young male associate unlocked the glass for us and then patiently waited beside us as we choose our brand. Of course, dear hubby wanted to compare brands and asked the associate where we could find the early response tests. Needless to say, I ran out of there pretty quickly. Of course, after all that, the test was negative.”

Embarrassing? Yes! Good story for the future? Definitely!

Remember, laughing is better than the alternative . . .

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