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The Daily Shot - It Hurts Your Friends & Family, Too

Maybe you've just finished another unsuccessful cycle. Or you've just had another early miscarriage. You may start to feel like friends and family are tired of hearing about your sadness . . .

The truth is, you may be right.

Even the most compassionate among us (those who love us most) can feel overwhelmed by the mounting sensation of helplessness. It's because of the depth of their concern that they may be shying away from your latest news. They wish so badly they could stop your pain. Standing by while you suffer is really hard for them, too.

You may need to be the one to bring this up. Let them know you understand that this is hard for them also. Acknowledge that you need their support but don't wish to cause more pain. Gently offer to change how and when you update them with your TTC news.

Most will want to continue being in the loop, but will also feel relief from your thoughtful expression.

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