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Days of Our Infertile Lives

Sometimes it may feel like your life is a soap opera. You are the main character desperately trying to get pregnant, and you do try everything including fertility dances, fertility drugs and standing on your head in order to get a baby. In the meantime, your lover (let’s call him Chaz), is subjected to semen analysis tests in the hopes that he will fertilize your eggs.

Gasp! If your life was a soap opera, it would probably have a title and plot like this:

  • The Young and the Infertile: After a year of trying to conceive, you tell Chaz that it’s time to see a fertility doctor. You start sobbing uncontrollably because it feels like everyone is pregnant but you.
  • All My (Test Tube) Children: You and Chaz race to your embryo transfer appointment. Will you end up with twins, triplets or quadruplets?
  • General (Fertility) Hospital: Chaz must deliver his semen analysis within minutes of his deposit. Will he make it on time? Will the clinic mix up his sample?