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Deal or No Deal?

Fertility treatment is a lot like the popular TV game show, Deal or No Deal. Everything comes with a hefty price tag, and you never know which case will bring you success or failure.

Do you choose Case IUI because it has a cheaper price tag, or should you just defy the banker and risk it all for Case IVF? If only your fertility doctor (or one of Howie’s beautiful models) could peer into one of the cases and tell you if you will have fertility treatment success or failure? Will you make it to the very end. or will you have to go home empty-handed?

Sometimes it’s all about a little bit of luck and believing that you will pick the right case in the end. In the world on infertility, we always have to believe that one of these cases will bring us success, and we’ll always play and persevere until we have a deal. Right, Howie?