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Dealing With All the Negatives

Dealing with a negative pregnancy test can be very difficult, especially if you are going through fertility treatments. You have so much hope that your fertility doctor will solve your issues and get you pregnant, fast.

So what happens when an IUI or IVF cycle doesn’t work on the first try? We know it can be extremely heartbreaking. After all, you took all the necessary fertility drugs, paid all of that money (and it’s a lot of cash!), and bit your nails right off during your two-week wait. You expected to hear a positive result, but sometimes it just won’t happen on the first try and it feels just plain awful.

Give yourself time for your body and mind to heal. Whether it’s a week or a few months, it’s okay if you need time to heal following a negative pregnancy test before TTC again. The good news is just because it didn’t work once does not mean it won’t work the next time. Getting pregnant naturally doesn’t usually happen on the first try and sometimes your body just isn’t ready.

When you’re ready to start again, go in with a fresh outlook and a positive smile. Don’t give up hope!