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Dear Baby

Many pregnant women choose to write a letter to their baby during their pregnancy. This can be a therapeutic and fun task while she waits for her baby. Not yet pregnant? Why not write a letter to your future baby anyway! Write a letter from your heart or use our light-hearted suggestion below.

    Dear Future Baby,

    What’s taking so long? Your father and I have been trying to conceive you for several years now, and we can’t wait to see you. We promise we will be the world’s best parents and love you every single day of your life. Mommy and Daddy are just getting a little impatient and would very much like you to give us a pregnancy. Can you just do this one little thing for us? We promise we’ll buy you lots of toys. If you could do anything to speed up the process, that would be fantastic. You are always worth the wait.

    With Love,

    Your Future Mom and Dad