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Dear DS: I'm Scared to Take Fertility Drugs

Dear DS,

My OBGYN just prescribed Clomid for my trouble conceiving. She said that’s pretty much as far as she can go with fertility treatments — that she’ll refer me to a specialist if the Clomid doesn’t work. I really want the Clomid to work because I don’t want to see a new doctor. I love my OB. The other thing is that I’m terrified to take it. I really don’t like taking drugs of any kind, and I’m scared of the side effects. I know I have to try something, but I’m really scared. Should I take it?

Thank you,


Dear Clever Name,

DS believes that no one should do something medically until they’re really sure of themselves. However, in the interest of getting pregnant, you may have to do some things that make you temporarily uncomfortable. Let’s try to break it down a little.

What exactly are you afraid of? Did you read that gigantic list of side effects printed with your prescription? Or did you go to a chat room where many people regale their horror stories of hot flashes and migraines? Remember this: NO TWO PEOPLE RESPOND THE SAME WAY TO MEDICATION. Keep repeating that. And that list of side effects? Those are based on the study of thousands of patients.

Try to focus on the positives. You love your OBGYN, right? Then keep in mind that as soon as you get pregnant you’ll be back in her loving care. Her advice is probably sound, but if you’re having problems TTC, you should see a reproductive endocrinologist — or fertility doctor — and get a fertility workup. Guidelines for seeing a fertility doctor: if you are 35 or older and have been trying to conceive for 6 months or more; if you are under 35 and have been trying to conceive for one year or more.

If you’re going to use fertility drugs — any fertility drugs — ask your doctor about the side effects and tell her about your fears. You have an opportunity here. If your doctor thinks you have a chance of getting pregnant with Clomid, give it a go.

And if you would like help finding a fertility doctor, contact our Patient Care Advocates at (855) 955-2229. Or fill out this form.