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Dear DS: Should I Travel after IVF?

Dear DS,

My brother’s law school graduation is scheduled for the weekend after my IVF transfer. He lives a plane ride away and has been working toward this degree for a long time. I want to go to the graduation, but I am afraid to travel after such an important medical procedure. What do I do?

Grounded by IVF

Dear GBI,

Don’t go. Sorry to be so blunt, but if this IVF doesn’t take, you’ll be regretting your decision to fly. There are no guarantees that this round of IVF will be successful, but you’ll want to know you did everything in your power.

Ask your doctor what she thinks. Many doctors would recommend taking it easy after such a procedure. Plus, there’s an increased risk of catching a cold or flu, thereby compromising your immune system.

Logistically speaking, you won’t know the exact date of your transfer until it is upon you. It’s best to not make travel plans right now.

Your brother will understand. And we’re sorry you have to miss his special day, but the potential payoff will make his graduation pale in comparison.