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Dear Fertility Santa ...

Dear Santa:

I have been a very good girl this holiday season:

  • I have arrived at all my fertility doctor appointments on time (even my 7 a.m. ones).
  • I have not complained when I gained 10 pounds from my fertility medication, and
  • I have stayed away from coffee (even when my co-workers told me that I was becoming way too moody).

Santa, I know that I may seem a little envious when other people announce their pregnancies, and I may have cried in the bathroom during a few of my girlfriends' baby showers, but I promise I am still the good and nice girl you remember. I know I overreacted when my husband left on his three-day business trip, but Santa, it was my peak ovulation period! I also know that I got a little too angry at my period last Saturday, but Santa, she arrived right in the middle of my cousin’s wedding!

All I ask is that this holiday season, if you can, please add some fertility dust to my stocking and sprinkle our home with baby magic?

With Love,

A want-to-be mom who is filled with love for her future child