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Dear Patient Care Advocates: Can Food Help Us Conceive a Boy?

Dear Patient Care Advocates:

My wife and I have a two-year-old daughter already and would love more than anything to conceive a son. We have read that eating certain foods can help you conceive a boy, but the suggestions are conflicting and the articles are very confusing. Some say to increase the body's alkalinity by eating more fruits and vegetables, increase potassium, and decrease magnesium and calcium. Other articles say to eat more salty foods and meat.

How do we know which advice is accurate? Can diet really help us conceive a boy?


Jay in Austin, Texas

Dear Jay,

While I do know that diet can significantly benefit your fertility (and balance your hormones!), I cannot say with certainty that it will help you conceive a boy. To my knowledge, the ONLY method proven 99% effective for gender selection is IVF with PGD. Doctors are able to biopsy the embryo to determine the sex of the baby. Keep in mind, they cannot guarantee that you will produce male embryos, but can tell you with nearly 100% accuracy which embryos (if any) are male. All in all, you are looking to spend approximately $20,000 for sex selection in the US.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you check out these forums on for more information on diet and fertility, gender selection, and PGD:

PGD/PGS Discussions forum
Family Balancing (Gender Selection) forum
Alternative Treatment forum (for diet, etc)
Diet and Lifestyle Changes to Boost Fertility forum
IVF and High Tech forum

You will learn from the firsthand experiences of other couples, including their experience with sex selection and may even encounter a few anecdotes about diet and conceiving a boy!

Baby Dust,

For more information on PGD for Gender Selection, check out this video where Dr. Dan Potter of HRC Fertility explains the process of sex selection:

Click image to play.

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