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Dear Patient Care Advocates: How Can I Afford IVF After Two Failed Cycles?

Dear Patient Care Advocates,

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for one year and have failed one IVF cycle and one FET. We took a break from treatment to save money, but being that we are both 33 years old, we don’t want to wait much longer. Do you have any resources to help us save on the costs of IVF?

Banking on Baby


Hi Banking,

I definitely hear you on that! IVF can be very expensive and we tend to think the first cycle is “guaranteed” to work. When that doesn’t happen, we are left feeling confused, frustrated, and worried about the costs (especially if you do not have insurance coverage).

Have you heard about Fertility Authority’s multi-cycle IVF savings plan? IVFAdvantage was built by our team (current and former fertility patients) to help patients like you save money on fertility treatment. We’ve been there and we know how expensive it can be. That is why we negotiate with fertility clinics on your behalf to save you up to 40% off the fee for service price of IVF and Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs). Our package consists of up to two fresh IVF and two FET cycles, or you can inquire about a two fresh IVF cycle package. Each package includes up to 12 months of embryo storage as well!

If your current fertility doctor is not already participating in IVFAdvantage, let us know. We will gladly work with them to secure a discount for you- make sure you mention your interest in IVFAdvantage to help get the ball rolling! If you are looking to switch doctors for a second opinion, we can also provide the names of doctors already participating in IVFAdvantage (though we would never want to take you away from your doctor for this reason alone.)

Feel free to send me an email for more information about IVFAdvantage. When it comes to fertility, time is not on your side and we definitely want to help you get the baby you’ve been dreaming of with less of an emotional, physical, and financial expense.

You can read more about IVFAdvantage here.

Baby Dust,

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