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Dear Patient Care Advocates: How Can I Boost My Sex Drive During Fertility Treatment?

Dear Patient Care Advocates:

With all the stress of fertility treatment, the fertility drugs, and the pressure to have sex at specific times during my wife’s cycle, we are both feeling the tension. I’m finding it difficult to perform on command and I can tell my wife’s sex drive is shot. I’ve even overheard her on the phone with her sister complaining that she doesn’t feel sexy anymore.

What can I do to let her know she is sexy to me? What can we both do to restore libido during infertility?

Loving Husband in Louisiana

Dear Loving Hubby,

How sweet of you to be thinking of your wife! Now, more than ever, your wife needs to take care of herself through diet, exercise, and relaxation. You may not even realize the crucial role diet plays in the factory that is our endocrine system. Poor diet, high stress, and no exercise can completely throw off our hormone production. Irregular hormones can lead to diminished libido and decreased fertility.

I would highly recommend that you and your wife consult with your fertility doctor, and perhaps a nutritionist as well, to get your eating and exercise habits back on track. Making a change as a couple has the added perk of time spent together and shared goals. You could also send your wife for a massage, manicure and pedicure, or new hair style. We tend to feel down about ourselves during fertility treatment because it seems like we have no control over a basic biological function. We feel broken and our self image suffers immensely. Help her feel good about herself and she will definitely have more confidence and increased drive. Taking small steps to improve your mind and body while showing how much you care about your partner is totally sexy!

Baby Dust,

For more tips on dealing with the after effects of fertility drugs, particularly with IVF, check out Alissa Vitti’s video “Avoid the After Effects of IVF”:

Click image to play.

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