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Dear Patient Care Advocates: How Can My Family Switch to a Fertility-Friendly Diet?

Dear Patient Care Advocates:

I’m trying to follow a fertility-friendly diet to boost my fertility while trying to conceive baby #2. My first child is 5 years old and- needless to say- a picky eater. My husband really isn’t digging the whole fertility diet thing either. How can I cook for my family and still make choices that pack the most fertility boosting potential?


Marybeth in New Jersey

Dear Marybeth,

Introducing a new diet always takes a little bit of work whether you’re feeding yourself or your family. There are plenty of ways you can make everyone happy. Programs like The Woman Code by FLOLiving and The Hormone Cure, among other hormone-balancing fertility diet programs, teach you how to eat for your menstrual cycle/fertility. With that being said, the foods don’t have to be a major turn off to your family! You can slowly substitute foods or give them a few options to choose from. It makes them feel more in control and less like you’re forcing this change on them. Your enthusiasm about a healthier lifestyle will begin to rub off on them and they will become enthusiastic too (especially if it means a new baby is soon to come!)

For tips on healthy eating and how to cook for your family WITHOUT tricking them, visit the Diet and Lifestyle Changes to Boost Fertility Forum on!

Baby Dust,
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Watch as Nutritionist Carolyn Gundell of Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT explains that dietary choices and healthy lifestyles do affect our chances of getting pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy and also having a healthy baby:

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