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Dear Patient Care Advocates: How Can My Partner and I Conceive with Reciprocal IVF?

Dear Patient Care Advocates,

I am a lesbian looking to conceive with my partner. We want to use my eggs, but my partner will carry the pregnancy. I've read a little bit about reciprocal IVF on the GLBT boards on, but can you tell me more about the process? How can I find a fertility doctor who specializes in this procedure?

Two Mamas in Philly


Hi Two Mamas,

My name is Kim and I am the Patient Care Advocate of the East Coast. I would be happy to assist! Reciprocal IVF is much like you described. You would take a series of fertility drugs, have your eggs retrieved and fertilized in the lab with donor sperm or sperm of a willing male friend (though you should consult a reproductive law attorney before going this route). Around this same time, your partner may take progesterone to prepare her uterus to receive the embryos. The embryos would be transferred into your partner's uterus. Approximately two weeks later, she would go in for a blood hCG hormone test to determine if the IVF was successful.

There are plenty of fertility doctors in the Philadelphia region who specialize in working with same sex couples. Just give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email me personally at and I can provide some fertility clinic options. We can also talk about insurance coverage for fertility treatment (if any) and financing options available to you. Looking forward to helping!

You can read more about Reciprocal IVF here.

Baby Dust,

Watch as Dr. Laurence Jacobs of Fertility Centers of Illinois as he explains: What is Reciprocal IVF for Lesbian Couples?

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