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Dear Patient Care Advocates: Surrogate or Gestational Carrier? Help!

Dear Patient Care Advocates:

What is the difference between a surrogate and gestational carrier? Which one would I need if I am looking to use an egg donor AND someone to carry the pregnancy? Help!

Mommy Dreaming in New Jersey

Dear Mommy Dreaming:

There is a significant difference between a traditional surrogate and a gestational surrogate (AKA gestational carrier). A traditional surrogate carries a pregnancy made up of an embryo created with her own egg and the sperm of the intended father or a donor. This can be done via IUI or IVF, but is illegal in many states because of cases in history where the surrogate fought for the custody of the child after birth.

A gestational carrier carries a pregnancy made up of an embryo created by egg and sperm from the intended parents or one or more donors. The majority of surrogacy situations today are gestational surrogacy (done via IVF), so this is the type of surrogacy you will be seeking. However, there are still certain legal guidelines you should abide by, and it is important to understand the laws of gestational surrogacy by state. Some tend to be unclear and murky, so you should definitely enlist the help of a Reproductive Law Attorney.

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Baby Dust,

Watch as Dr. Melissa C. Yih of IVF New Jersey explains: How Does a Surrogate Get Pregnant?

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