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Dear Patient Care Advocates: Tubal Ligation Reversal or IVF?

Dear Patient Care Advocates:

I am newly married to a wonderful man and wish to conceive a child. My husband and I each have a child from our previous marriages. The only problem is that I had a tubal ligation after my son was born, seven years ago. I am now 37 years old and my husband is 42. What options do we have for trying to conceive?

Mom Again in Miami


Dear Mom Again,

Rest assured there are options available to you. Your success largely depends on your age, ovarian reserve, and the type of tubal ligation you had done. If your tubes were cut and burned, you have a greater risk of scar tissue or not being a candidate for tubal ligation reversal. Age plays a factor because you may not ovulate regularly due to ovarian reserve issues even if your tubes were reconnected.

My honest advice as a woman who has personally done in vitro fertilization (IVF), and given that you are over the age of 35 with a tubal ligation, is that you should pursue IVF rather than a tubal ligation reversal. In terms of success and finances, you might be better off moving forward with IVF. Here’s why:

  • IVF averages $12,000 per cycle.
  • Tubal ligation reversal ranges from $8,000-$15,000.
  • If your tubes are damaged from the tubal ligation and you are unable to conceive naturally after the tubal ligation reversal, your doctor may suggest IVF. In that case, you would have paid for BOTH the tubal ligation reversal and IVF rather than paying for IVF from the beginning.

If you do decide to pursue a tubal ligation reversal and attempt natural conception, I highly recommend that you have your AMH and FSH tested first. You should also talk to your doctor about proper vitamin and supplement use and follow a fertility-boosting diet that will regulate your hormones.

The most important step you can take is to consult with a fertility doctor to learn more about your options. Give us a call so we can help set that up for you! 1-855-955-BABY (2229).

Baby Dust,
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Watch as Dr. Jason Bromer, a fertility doctor with Shady Grove Fertility Center, explains how robotic surgery has advanced tubal ligation reversal in women who want to get pregnant.

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