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Dear Patient Care Advocates: What Can You Tell Me about IVF in Mexico?

Dear Patient Care Advocates:

I am considering traveling to Mexico for my donor egg IVF cycle because I've heard it is cheaper than clinics here in Minnesota. What factors should I be aware of and do I need to talk to a lawyer first?


Mama Wannabe in Minnesota

Dear Mama,

Traveling out of country for fertility treatment, known as reproductive tourism, has certainly gained popularity of late with lower fertility treatment costs (average cost in the US is $12,000 per cycle with no guarantee for success) and fewer restrictions on fertility protocols. By “restrictions”, I mean:

  • Some countries, like the US, strongly encourage a single embryo transfer (SET) or adhere to guidelines suggesting a maximum of 2-3 embryos transferred while other countries do not have such strict regulations.
  • Countries that allow donors to be paid for their egg donation have bigger pools of egg donors (thus more options/characteristics/ethnicities to choose from) than countries forbidding donor compensation.
  • Some countries provide more extensive donor profiles than others or allow for anonymity of the donor while others require disclosure of identity once the resulting child turns 18.
  • Some countries may be more lax about age and pre-existing diagnosis when accepting a patient into their clinic.

You should definitely talk to an attorney who specializes in Family and Reproductive law to understand and protect your rights. You will want to abide by laws in the United States, and the country in which you are receiving treatment. You may also need to consult your lawyer about citizenship and immigration laws to be sure you, your partner, your child, and your donor are all equally protected.

Contact our Patient Care Advocates for information on fertility clinics in your area by calling 1-855-955-BABY (2229). You may be surprised to learn there are inexpensive options in your state, or a few states away rather than traveling to another country!

Baby Dust,


Watch as Dr. Angie Beltsos of Fertility Centers of Illinois, explains "What is Reproductive Tourism?":

Click image to play.

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