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Dear Patient Care Advocates: Where Can I Find Discounted IVF Cycles?

Dear Patient Care Advocates:

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about four years now. We’ve had five failed IUI cycles and two failed IVF cycles though our diagnosis remains unexplained. We do not have insurance coverage for fertility treatment and the costs are adding up fast. Do you have any information on where we can find low cost or discounted IVF cycles with high success rates? I’m afraid it will take me a few more cycles to conceive and I’m hoping we don’t use up all of our savings in the process.

Mariana in Brooklyn

Hi Mariana,

I am so sorry you are going through this, but happy to see that you are being realistic about the potential for needing multiple IVF cycles and doing your research.

Fertility Authority has a new program called IVFAdvantage where patients can receive a multi-cycle discount on their IVF cycles. It is not a money-back guarantee program, but unlike other programs, we do not have age or diagnosis cut offs. We are all former fertility patients looking to extend savings and high success rates to you! Most of the clinics participating in IVFAdvantage have two package options: a two fresh IVF cycle package, or a two fresh and two frozen IVF cycle package with up to two years of embryo storage.

Some of the participating clinics in your area include Kofinas Fertility Institute and Genesis Fertility and Reproductive Medicine. Financing is available through American HealthCare Lending and requires a credit check and loan approval process.

Send me an email if you’d like specific pricing information on IVFAdvantage at either of these centers and give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) to schedule a consultation! Both are fantastic, so I know you will be in good hands either way!

Baby Dust,

Wondering how fertility doctors tailor treatment protocols to fit individual needs and beliefs? Check out this video where Richard Grazi, MD, of Genesis Fertility and Reproductive Medicine discusses fertility and cultural backgrounds:

Click image to play.

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