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Dear Patient Care Advocates: Where Can We Do Reciprocal IVF in the US?

Dear Patient Care Advocates:

My partner and I live in Colombia where reciprocal IVF is illegal. We plan to travel to the US for treatment. Can you recommend a fertility clinic that specializes in family building options for same sex couples?

Will Travel for Baby

Dear Will Travel,
Our Patient Care Advocates can ABSOLUTELY recommend a clinic to you! In fact, California Fertility Partners or Southern California Reproductive Center in Los Angeles area are two very same-sex friendly groups also experienced in working with international patients. You can email me ( or call us at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) to set up a consultation with either fertility clinic.

Keep in mind, you might want to consult a Family and Reproductive Law Attorney to ensure you are following the citizenship and custody laws of your country before returning home with your bundle of joy! Also check out the LGBT Family Building Forum and GLBT Infertility Forum on

Wishing you luck and baby dust,
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Watch as Dr. Laurence Jacobs explains the process of reciprocal IVF for lesbian couples:

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