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Dear Patient Care Advocates: Where Do I Begin with Adoption in Chicago?

Dear Patient Care Advocates:

First, let me say THANK YOU for scheduling my consultation for a second opinion! This new fertility doctor confirmed what my previous doctor suggested- donor egg IVF- and also mentioned adoption. I do feel more at ease hearing this news for the second time and I am weighing my options with my husband.

My concern is that I have no idea where to begin with the adoption process. I know IVF isn’t guaranteed, so I am hesitant to pursue egg donation. I am 43 and worried about my family history of fibroids and miscarriage on top of my low AMH. I think I would rather put my time, finances, and emotions into adoption rather than potentially failing an IVF cycle. Do you have any advice as to where I should start with the adoption process?

Weighing My Options in Chicago

Dear Weighing,

We are thrilled to hear that you feel at ease after meeting with one of our TRUSTED Chicago fertility doctors! I am so sorry that you are facing such a tough decision: egg donation or adoption- certainly isn’t easy and I give you a ton of credit for being so strong.

Egg donation is definitely the legally less complicated of the two options, but I understand your concerns about miscarrying and other age-related pregnancy complications. These are very real risks and some people are just not willing to take them. When it comes to adoption, you should absolutely contact an attorney who specializes in Family Building and Reproductive Technology. A family law attorney will make sure that you and your husband are legally protected, whether you pursue domestic or international adoption. International adoptions can be tricky since they also involve the laws of the child’s country. Your attorney will also create a legal agreement which clearly outlines the role of the biological parents (if any) in the child’s life after the adoption is finalized.

I hope this information is helpful! Definitely start out by consulting a Family Law attorney in Chicago.

All my best,

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