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Don't Be Like Fertile Franny

Fertile Franny fancied fun Frankie, and four years later they had Freddy, Fil, Farah and Fanny.

Fertile Franny had an infertile friend named Fiona who had a feisty fallopian tube and just could not fertilize an egg. Fertile Franny kept asking her “why aren’t you pregnant yet?” Fiona would fight back tears.

But Fiona was fearless and a good friend. She planned Franny’s baby shower (all four times) and put a smile on her face when Franny posted photos of her four on Facebook.

Unfortunately, Franny never understood infertility and forgot to be a good friend back to Fiona. Finally, one Friday in February (when Fiona was furious from fertility drugs), she fought back and fumed. “Franny, fertility is not always fun, and it hurts me when you’re insensitive towards my follicles.”

Franny felt funny and apologized to her friend for not being supportive. Fiona felt better, and talking about it made the friendship fine again.

The moral of the story? Lean on your friends for support and don’t be like fertile Franny.