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Easter Time!

It’s almost time for the Easter holiday, and that means family events, overeating and lots and lots of chocolate.

Who can resist those delicious chocolate eggs? Everywhere you turn, there seems to be more and more chocolate bunnies just begging you to take them home.

Like any other holiday, remember that moderation is key for staying on your healthy fertility diet and eating plan. You might be tempted to eat a whole bag of chocolate during your period or think it’s OK to snack on eight Cadbury Cream Eggs. Resist temptation! Elevating your sugar and increasing your weight will not help you get pregnant any faster (and chances are you won’t feel so good afterwards!)

So definitely enjoy yourself, search for your chocolate eggs and then share them with your family. Your body will thank you for not overeating, and you’ll have some additional energy for some extracurricular (bunny-making) activities. Wink. Wink.