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Eating for One Still Can Be Fun!

When you’re trying for a baby, you really try to eat as healthy as possible (expect for those bad days when you receive your big fat negatives). According to Cindy Bailey author of The Fertile Kitchen, you should do some of the following when trying to conceive.

  1. Limit your seafood. Sure we all like some delicious sushi once and awhile, but Cindy says too much mercury in your diet can affect your fertility, and can actually stay in your system for six months or longer! If something smells fishy in your diet, it probably is!
  2. Limit your consumption of processed foods and reduce or eliminate caffeine and alcohol in your diet.
  3. Try eating an all-organic diet of fruits, vegetables and lean protein to optimize fertility.
  4. Say goodbye to sugar. We know that giving up your sweet treats is a difficult task (especially around period time!) but according to Cindy, “start cooking with healthy sweet alternatives such as stevia or honey, or munch on some naturally sweet fruits if you have a sweet craving.
  5. Don’t forget about the daddy! It takes two to tango (and make this baby). To improve sperm count, he should be eating foods with B12 (like lean beef), zinc (whole grains) and vitamin C (like oranges). Sounds like a great diet to us!