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E.P.T. and Path2Parenthood: You Are Amazing!

Building a family is hard work, especially if you’re coping with infertility. All too often, we lose sight of ourselves, our strengths, and the many reasons we are loved. We lose confidence in ourselves and our bodies. We feel disappointment and that we are letting others down.

E.P.T. and Path2Parenthood (formerly The American Fertility Association) have partnered to bring you an encouraging reminder that YOU are AMAZING. You are strong. You are loved. You are beautiful. You WILL conquer infertility and you WILL have family. Watch E.P.T. and Path2Parenthood’s video campaign, We Are With You:

Click image to play.

What words of encouragement would you give to someone struggling to build their family? Stop by E.P.T.’s Facebook page and let them know. For every comment between now and December 31, 2014, E.P.T. will donate to Path2Parenthood.

Don’t forget, you can find support and give support to those coping with infertility on the forums at You never know who could use a word of encouragement!

You can also save while building your family with these coupons and promotions, like this $2 off E.P.T. pregnancy tests coupon.

Cheers to all the parents-to-be out there. Not even infertility can stop you!

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