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Fertilebook, I Mean Facebook

Do you have a profile on FertileBook? You probably do, but you just might know it as “Facebook.”

When you’re experiencing infertility, Facebook can be a difficult place. On a daily basis, you are fed a steady stream of pregnant friends’ belly photos, status updates about pregnancy and pictures of baby showers, new babies and first birthday parties.

Do you really want to see your mother’s friend’s dry cleaner’s daughter’s baby shower photos? Or Fertile Myrtle’s family photos (all 100 albums).

Sometimes it feels like you are the only childless person on Facebook, and you’re tempted to change your profile name to “Barren Karen.” On the days when your period has arrived or you just failed a fertility treatment, you might want to stay away from the social networking site.

Word of advice: there is a HIDE button. Don't be afraid to use it!