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Fertility Authority’s Blog of the Week: The Broken Brown Egg

The blog we’d like to feature this week is The Broken Brown Egg.

Regina and her husband have been residents of “infertility-ville” for almost a decade. Like most couples, they wanted to be financially secure and finish their degrees prior to starting a family. After a sudden “what are we waiting for?” epiphany they decided it was time to start trying. Regina was no stranger to having period issues but doctors reassured her that it was thyroid related. However, they failed to mention that her thyroid issue could affect her fertility. It took years before doctors to diagnosed Regina with PCOS, Hypothyroidism, blocked fallopian tubes, Type 2 diabetes and most recently, male factor infertility. After dabbling with Clomid, denial, and a recent trip into “parenting purgatory” (foster care/kinship placement) they are currently in the preliminary stages of IVF.

Regina began blogging in 2009 and shortly after she noticed there was a lack of blogs from other black women. She explains, “The stereotype I was most used to, was that black women were somehow more fertile, that we didn’t have these issues and that reproductive technologies like IVF were exclusive to wealthy, primarily Caucasian women. I knew this wasn’t true, and wanted to make that known. – My goal is not to divide, but to provide a viewpoint which was absent in the infertility community.” She set out to make it her goal to increase awareness of African American Infertility and Reproductive Health. Regina states, “What I say on my blog is REAL, and it is reflective of the thoughts and feelings of hundreds of other women, and I know this is true because of the messages I get!” Her blog is not exclusive to black women and large portion of her readers belong to various races other than her own. She feels that infertility is a “great equalizer” and that regardless of race, once you experience it you understand.

Please visit The Broken Brown Egg at:

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