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Fertility Authority’s Blog of the Week: Come to Mama

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Come to Mama.

Catherine and her husband have been trying to conceive for a little more than three years. Like many couples, they started trying to conceive not long after they were married. At one point, Catherine believed she was pregnant, but it was a false alarm. She talked to her gynecologist and she suggested both Catherine and her husband get tested, just to be on the safe side. Catherine was 34 at the time and her husband was 38.

The test results came back that Catherine’s husband had azoospermia, meaning zero sperm in his ejaculate. They were told they should look into using donor sperm or going the adoption route. A second opinion confirmed the diagnosis, but this time the couple was told a procedure might help them to conceive. That procedure is Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE) and is performed in conjunction with IVF. Sadly, their first IVF failed despite having three healthy embryos. The second TESE procedure was not successful, so they made a decision to push forward with donor sperm IVF. It too was unsuccessful. Since early 2013, Catherine and her husband have been seeking less invasive treatment with donor sperm IUI and, despite a miscarriage last August, continue to stay positive.

Catherine says of her blog: “I started the blog as an outlet for my own frustration, grief, anger, and sorrow. It was also probably my way of trying to give order to the chaos of our situation. You know, taking something that leaves you so out of control and breaking it down into nice, neat paragraphs.” She hopes her readers will feel validated and heard when they read her blog. She hopes they will feel less isolated, more normal, and will consider it a safe place to share their struggles without judgment.

Please visit Come to Mama at:

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