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Fertility Authority’s Blog of the Week: Doo, Dah, Dipitie

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Doo, Dah, Dipitie.

“The Author" of Doo, Dah, Dipitie (who prefers to keep her real name private) began trying to conceive in April of 2008. After consulting with a Reproductive Endocrinologist in March of 2009 the couple was diagnosed with Male Factor Infertility. Following an unsuccessful surgery to correct her partner’s varicocele in 2010, they began looking into other fertility treatment options. The couple proceeded to do 3 cycles of IVF and was overjoyed to find out that the third attempt was a success. Sadly, their happiness would be short lived. After 9 weeks of pregnancy the baby’s heart stopped beating. Following their devastating loss, “Doo, Dah, Dipitie” and her partner decided it was time for a break. Currently, the couple is trying to embrace life childfree.

Doo, Dah, Dipitie created her blog before she began trying to conceive. Shortly after, it started to include the trials and tribulations of baby making. Eventually that's what it focused on almost exclusively for a while, and now she’s trying to expand it again. Doo, Dah, Dipitie wants nothing more than to help her readers. She explains, “I hope that my blog helps other unsuccessful infertile people know that they aren't alone, and that life can go on. I try to take a more positive take on life now, I don't want to make it seem like my life turned out horribly because we weren't able to gave a baby.”

Please visit Doo, Dah, Dipitie at:

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