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Fertility Authority’s Blog of the Week: Fertility Lab Insider

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Fertility Lab Insider.

In the context of an infertility blog, Carole is almost embarrassed to admit that she has had no difficulties conceiving. Her interest in infertility came about from an early interest in how babies were made. In the seventh grade, She was raiding the library for books on how human reproduction worked. Her interest in human reproduction never left her and she went on to study reproductive science in college and graduate school, doing research on various reproductive questions including the molecular mechanisms of embryo implantation. Eventually, these interests took a practical turn, when she became a clinical lab director and personally cared for embryos and helped patients conceive.

Carole started her blog shortly after she had been let go from her position as a lab director after eight years with the same team. They decided that they could no longer afford an on-site lab director and so they hired an off-site consultant. Carole was devastated. She still cared about the same things that she always did, but now she didn’t know what she could do with those interests. She didn’t want to move her family around the country to take another director position as she had already done that before. Around the same time, she saw the movie “Julie and Julia” about a blogger who expresses her adoration for Julia Child by blogging her recipes and Carole thought, “why don’t I blog about what I love? I can still be immersed in IVF and help patients –just in another way.” So Fertility Lab Insider was born and she began to do free-lance writing for IVF clinics, foundations and companies.

Carole feels strongly that education is the key to successful treatment. She explains, “I hope that my readers find information they need to better understand the process of IVF and have better conversations with their IVF team, especially their physician. I strongly believe that patients will make the best choices for themselves and their families if they only have enough information. My blog also features hundreds of links to other sources of information, so it’s not just my opinion and my experience. Although I freely express my opinion about best lab practices based on my experience and my research, I am very careful not to give specific medical advice because I am not a physician.”

Please visit Fertility Lab Insider at:

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