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Fertility Authority’s Blog of the Week: Kathryn Kefauver Goldberg

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Kathryn Kefauver Goldberg.

After a three year battle with infertility, which began with acupuncture, then surgery, and peaked with IVF, Kathryn was finally able to conceive fraternal twin boys.

She began blogging because she found it almost impossible to express the emotions that come with infertility while it was all unfolding, and because she still feels deeply affected by her experience. She explains, “I hope these stories will help anyone whose path to family involves a difficult detour.”

Please visit Kathryn Kefauver Goldberg at:

If you have a blog you’d like considered to be featured or if you would like to nominate a blog that covers such topics as unexplained infertility, adoption, surrogacy, donor eggs, egg freezing, IVF, insemination or living child-free, please email us at

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