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Fertility Authority’s Blog of the Week: My Trip to the Egg Doctor

Egg freezing is a hot topic among women ranging from their late twenties to their late thirties who are hoping to have a family, but not just yet. At least one in five women waits to begin their families until after age 35, so egg banking can be a very smart investment towards putting off parenthood.

One such person is the author of the blog we’d like to feature this week, My Trip to the Egg Doctor. She goes by the moniker, “Ms. Egg”.

Ms. Egg wanted to keep her privacy throughout her egg freezing pursuits but she also wanted a place to vent if she ever needed to. So, she used her blog as a way to not only chronicle her experiences but to freely express her feelings as well as share them with others.

She says, “I hope that readers derive some comfort from the journey I went through.” She regularly answers emails from readers and loves to impart what wisdom she’s gained about egg freezing.

She adds, “I also reassure readers that everyone's bodies are different and no two people will go through exactly the same journey.”

Please visit My Trip to the Egg Doctor at:

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