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Fertility Authority’s Blog of the Week: Our Little Geekling

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Our Little Geekling.

After trying to conceive for only 4 months, Sarah was elated to find out that she was pregnant. Sadly, she found out that she had miscarried 5 weeks later. Determined, Sarah found out that she was pregnant again a few months later. Again, she miscarried after 5 weeks. After seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist she found out that she had Hypothyroidism and low progesterone. She went on medication and found out that she was pregnant again and has been able to sustain the pregnancy. She is expecting a little girl in June of 2014!

Sarah began blogging to chronicle her trying to conceive journey. She was relieved to find support and receive advice from other women like herself within the infertility community. Sarah hopes that women can see themselves in her blog. She explains, “I hope that readers see themselves a little in my blog; that they’re not alone in their fears, and that it can get better. I know as far as infertility goes that I had it fairly easy. There are so many levels of infertility, and some women might not feel like they’re part of that community if they haven’t suffered ‘enough’ whatever that arbitrary amount may be.”

Please visit Our Little Geekling at:

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Cute blog, and I love the blog of the week bit. Wondering if blogging will help me as I start out.

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