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Angela has been trying to conceive for about nine years, the first four of which were more not trying not preventing. Angela was not charting basal body temperature (BBT) or using ovulation prediction kits (OPKs) during that time and admits she did not seek a fertility consultation out of fear and finances.

About one year ago, she realized her insurance would cover fertility testing and decided to take the leap to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (fertility doctor). Angela says: “We went through the gamut of tests, including an HSG and was told we were totally normal and had unexplained infertility. Was sent home with the order to get my Wellbutrin out of my system and come back in 3 months.” Upon their return, Angela’s fertility doctor discovered a large ovarian cyst during a routine ultrasound. She also had blood drawn in anticipation of starting fertility treatment. SURPRISE! The blood work came back that Angela was pregnant. As it turned out, the pregnancy was ectopic. Angela underwent surgery to remove both her fallopian tube and the large cyst on her ovary. She was also diagnosed with endometriosis damage. After several consultations with different fertility doctors, treatment with Clomid and Femara, and a failed IUI, Angela was told IVF would be her best option for conceiving. She is currently saving money to cycle at CNY Fertility in Syracuse.

Angela started her blog back in 2000 and has documented the vast majority of her life during that time. She began blogging about infertility after the ectopic pregnancy and has since found a ton of support from the infertility community. “I hope my readers get that they aren’t alone. We all have horrible days and amazing days,” she says. Angela wants her readers to know that the emotions they all experience, no matter how ridiculous those thoughts or feelings may seem, do not make them monsters. It is all a normal part of grieving and coping with infertility.

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