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Fertility Authority’s Blog of the Week: Teach Me To Braid

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Teach Me To Braid.

Em’s infertility journey began long before she was considering motherhood. When Em was a young teenager she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). As a result, her periods were irregular. At the age of 24, Em and her husband began trying to conceive. After Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) visits, 1 miscarriage, multiple cycles of Clomid and Femara, a chemical pregnancy, IUI cycles, and an IVF cycle, Em finally got the positive pregnancy test that she had been yearning for. Today, she is the proud mother of miss Harriet Grace. However, Em’s dreams of a family haven’t stopped there. Currently, Em is on her 5th IUI cycle before she plans to return to IVF to conceive another child.

When Em’s mother turned to infertility blogs for answers she suggested that Em begin her own. Originally, her blog was meant to keep track of her future child’s story but quickly became a therapeutic outlet for Em. She explains, “I didn't realize at the time how therapeutic it would be for me to write about infertility, motherhood and the dance between those two powerful forces. I also didn't realize how important this blogging community would become to me or how much I would grow to care for these women that I've met in the blogosphere.” She considers her blog to be multifaceted, explaining that it can be used as an educational tool, a resource for other women who are struggling with infertility and as an outlet for her own personal struggles. Em is overjoyed that her blog has impacted the lives of others, “I have received many emails from women who have said that they were relieved to find my blog because it showed them that they weren't alone in their struggle.”

Please visit Teach Me To Braid at:

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