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Fertility Authority’s Blog of the Week: Tricky and Peep

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Tricky and Peep!

Jenn and her husband Brad started trying to conceive in July of 2007. They became pregnant on their own in 2009 but it ended in a miscarriage at 9 weeks. They started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility doctor) that same year but decided to put off fertility treatments because they hoped that success would find them on their own again.

In June 2012 however, they started the process of IUI with injectables. It took three cycles to become pregnant with a little girl who they named Molly Grace. Unfortunately, at sixteen and a half weeks, her heart stopped beating.

During Jenn’s D&E surgery, the attending anesthesiologist noticed that her heart had an abnormal rhythm. She sent her to a cardiologist who discovered that she had a myriad of previously unknown heart abnormalities. It was discovered if her pregnancy had progressed it could have been fatal so in the end, she was incredibly lucky.

“Infertility and miscarriage actually saved my life.” Jenn says. “I now have the opportunity to receive the necessary testing and surgeries to hopefully correct some of the problems but this means our baby-making is on hold. My RE and cardiologist have gone as far as putting me on birth control because they are so insistent that I not become pregnant right now. Medically induced infertility is annoying BUT I am very hopeful that my heart will start working properly and we can begin IVF in 2014!”

Jenn has been open about her infertility from the beginning, realizing very early on that humor made the story easier. By laughing about the awkward situations she found herself in, she was able to educate friends and family about her diagnosis without it becoming too uncomfortable. “I wanted to unveil the problem and let them know that people could ask me about my infertility. Writing a blog was the best way for me to begin that conversation.” Jenn says.

Please visit Tricky and Peep at:

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Thank you for introducing us to Tricky and Peep. Love to read their blog.

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