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Fertility Authority's Blog of the Week: Amateur Nester

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Amateur Nester.

Lisa and her husband began on the journey toward parenthood in March 2012. “After a year of doing everything by the book (and several months of acupuncture), we had our first appointment with an RE (reproductive endocrinologist AKA fertility doctor),” Lisa says. She was diagnosed with luteal phase defect (LPD) and her husband has mild male factor infertility. Lisa also suspects that she has undiagnosed endometriosis. After three failed medicated IUIs and one canceled IUI cycle, Lisa and her husband are moving on to IVF in early 2014. Like countless other couples across the country, however, Lisa’s health insurance does not cover infertility testing or treatment. Her fertility treatment expenses will be paid out-of-pocket.

Lisa originally started blogging as a means of sharing DIY projects and crafts, but ironically discovered she wasn’t very good at DIY! Around the same time, she began fertility treatment and started venting (and recording) her journey on the blog. “I decided a few months ago that instead of venting, my new goal is to use it as a means of connecting with and encouraging other women going through similar experiences. I want to use this painful struggle for something good. My blog has become such an emotional and creative outlet for me. I've made wonderful connections with many other infertility bloggers, and I'm happy that I can encourage other women going through similar struggles. I hope my readers leave feeling encouraged, hopeful, and less isolated,” Lisa shares.

Please visit Amateur Nester at:

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